Teen dating violence

(KTSF by Hellas Leung)

According to Liz Clairborne Inc. and Futures Without Violence, a family-violence prevention organization, nearly 1 out of 3 teens has been in an abusive or violent relationship.  Abuse can be physical, emotional, or verbal.

(AP File)

Seventeen-year-old Rebekah Wright was in an abusive relationship. She says her ex-boyfriend would verbally abuse her and then claim he was joking. Wright notes, “A joke is not funny when you are not laughing.”

Professionals stress that teen dating violence must be taken seriously. Elizabeth Miller, a physician specializing in adolescents, says some young men abuse their girlfriends by impregnating them by force. Miller says, “Some teen boys will prevent girlfriends from using birth control; they will flush birth control pills down the toilet or remove condoms during sex.”

February is “Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month.” Educational public service advertisements will be shown on public transportation and at shopping centers. For details, please go to loveisrespect.org.

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