Silicon Valley single engineers on Valentine’s Day


(KTSF by Lynne Ku)
When it comes to single engineers in the Silicon Valley, people tend to have two different impressions. On one hand, people tend to think that single engineers with high education and income have no problem finding their other-half. Then there are others who think that single engineers who  lack a social life have a hard time to meeting new friends, let alone their soul mates. Which one is true?

Eric Lee,  a single engineer in his late 20′s who works for a high tech company, says  it’s really hard for him to find a girl he’d like to date in his working circle because the population of single ladies is extremely low. While owning a car and a house, Lee is ready to settle down with a woman he really loves, but the tough part is meeting Miss right.

Wen Lin, a single sales person in her early 30′s also works for a high tech company. She says that it’s hard for her to make new friends because the working hours are very long. If she doesn’t make the extra effort, it’s tough having any social life.

According to the 2010 Census data, there are approximately 140 thousand single Chinese Americans in the Bay Area. Within this number,  less than 80-thousand are single men. Even with more single men than women, Q Zhou, the founder of a  matching website “”, sees more single women at their speed dating events. She thinks that it may be because women in their thirties are under more pressure to settle down.

Jay Tang, member of another matching network “Twin Cities” on face book, also shares his observation about singles in Silicon Valley. He thinks that single men pay more attention to appearance when they are looking for a girlfriend and single women tend to care more about social status such as job, income and degree.

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