Bay Area figure skater Vincent Zhou


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Born and raised in the bay Area, Vincent Zhou loved many  sports since he was small.  He first skated on ice when he was five years old and fell in love with the sport. In order to give Vicent professional training, his parents hired a coach in Southern California. His mother even quit her job staying with him for training five days a week. Then she drove back to the bay area on weekends.

Fay Ge, Vincent’s mom, says she never forced Vincent to skate. It was all about his own choice. And as long as she sees her son enjoy skating on ice, she doesn’t mind driving back and forth between Southern California and the bay area.

Vincent has won a championship in Salt Lake City last month. However, before he and his mom left, his father was sent to the emergency room. Fortunately,  friends offered to take care of him so that Vincent could focus on his performance. “I was worried, but I wanted to do my best on the ice because I didn’t want to disappoint my dad.” said the 11-year-old ice skater.

For now, Vincent is getting ready for the National Championships, which will happen in San Jose in January. Although he is one of the youngest competitors, he’s confident he’ll perform well. And for his long term goal, he’s looking forwards to winning in the Olympics, but he needs to wait until 2018 Winter Olympic to meet the age requirement.

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