Two young Chinese skaters win gold medals

(KTSF by Ricky Chan)

Two local Asian youth win championships in US Figure Staking competition.


Twelve year-old Karen Chen from Fremont finished her short programs and free skate with 140.17 points giving her a score that entitles her to stand on the the winners podium tonight.

Although she wins the championship in the Novice ladies’ group with almost 15 points difference, she thinks she could have done better because she says both performances were not clean. She fell in both. Karen Chan adds, “I think I still have room to improve.” . However, Gilley Nicholson, one of her coaches, is happy about her performance, saying “I thought it’s extremely good. She just had one error, and she popped right up and kept going. It’s a very ambitious program.”


Eleven year-old Vincent Zhou from Palo Alto is the youngest competitor this year. He scored 164.96 combined to win the men’s Novice title. He was nervous before his free skate, “Because this is my home. This is the place where I was born and I have a hometown crowd supporting me and I really need to do well or else I’ll disappoint them, and most important, will disappoint myself.” And his coach, Tammy Gambill is confident in him all the time, “He’s well trained, he does lots of run through. I actually have to tell him to stop sometimes because he tries to do too much. This little guy doesn’t know when to stop.”

Their season is now over. Until the next one starts, they need to stay healthy and and in good condition. Karen Chan says, “I hope to do a triple-triple in coming season, make my jumps better and consistent.” And now both local Chinese youth can rest a little and celebrate their titles, as well as the Chinese New Year, with their families.

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