A single young man’s CNY

(KTSF by Hellas Leung)

27 year old Ivan  doesn’t have many Chinese New Year decorations  in his San Leandro  home .

He says “I live alone.  Whom do I decorate for?”     It has been years  since he was able to have dinner with his family on the new year ‘s  eve.

Ivan  who  came from Guangzhou, China about eight years ago  says there is a huge difference between  celebrating  Chinese New Year in China and  here  in the Bay Area.

He was excited to put on new clothes and new shoes on the first day of the  new year during his childhood, but not now.   That’s because he  always has to work during the first few days of the new year.

Ivan remembers that there are many customs and taboos for people who live in Canton during the Chinese New Year.   He feels  some of these customs  are “ridiculous.”

For example, people are not supposed to wash  their  hair on the first fifteen days of the new year.

“Why are we prohibited from washing our hair?” he asked. “It does not meet the sanitary standard.”

Once custom he agrees with is waiting until the second  day of the new year to sweep the floor . People are not supposed to do that on the first day.

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