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Ken and Jessie are ski lovers and go to Tahoe every winter.  After they had children, they started searching for more affordable deals for the family. Jessie says ” Don’t buy seasonal ski clothing for kids, it’s too expensive.”  So she bought ski clothing in the summer for a big discount. She also suggests buying one size bigger to make sure they are able to fit  next year.

Skiing and snowboarding becomes more popular every year. But, as a sport, it can be expensive.  To save money, Consumer Action has tips.
With ski equipment, Consumer Actions says “If you are going for the first time, it’s better to rent your equipment. But if you’re planning on going more than once in a year, then you should buy your equipment. Keep in mind that if you rent, there could be a long wait since they have to size you for your equipment.”

Consumer Action suggests that to save on lift tickets,  avoid going to resorts at peak times which is during Christmas and New Years.  The best time  to go is when it’s less crowded. And it’s less expensive on weekdays from January to April which when school is in session.  Look for special promotions on the ski resorts web site.

Consumer Action says they sometimes receive consumer’s complaints after they’ve left the ski resort. “In general, when buying lift tickets or renting or buying equipment, it’s better to use your credit card because it offers you more protection. So, if you have a dispute, the credit card company can investigate. ”

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