Lunar New Year cleanup in Chinatown

(KTSF By Hellas Leung)
The department of Public Works(DPW) began cleaning Chinatown in preparation for the year of dragon.  As usual, a larger volume of pedestrian traffic is expected during the Chinese New Year festivities.
With the Christmas and New Year holidays finished, does the DPW consider the cleanup a lot of work? 
Mohammed Nuru, the interim director of DPW says, “We always stay busy. The year of the dragon is getting ready to begin all the celebrations. DPW is out cleaning the streets, washing the tunnel, and removing the graffiti, and working with all the businesses to make sure that they are in compliance.” 
In order to make the Stockton Street safe and broad enough for pedestrians, DPW reminds merchants not to display their products more than two feet from their stores.
And delivery trucks are not allowed between 9a.m. to 7p.m. during the time period of 1/14/2012 to 1/22/2012. 
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