Students eating vegetables they grow

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We all know vegetables are healthy  but it is difficult to encourage children to eat their vegetables..

The American Heart Association partnered with Mill-Peninsula Health Services and San Mateo-Foster City School District to plant a teaching garden at College Park Elementary School of San Mateo.  Older children have new responsibilities to take care of the garden. They learn how to plant the seeds, water the plants and harvest the crops.  And they eat the vegetables they grow!

The College Park garden was created according to the American Heart Association’s science and nutrition guideline.  The main purpose is to help children to build up healthy eating habits.

“This is the first generation of children that are expected not to live as long as their parents have lived because of problems of high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes,” said Patricia Sprincin, member of board of directors of American Heart Association, “and living this healthy life style and having this habit will help the next generation have a healthier life.”

School principal Diana Hallock said it takes time to change a child’s attitude toward vegetables.  “It’s really interesting as we are pulling things out of the garden to try.  The kids are like uh, I don’t eat purple stuff but then they tried it. Its delicious,” said Hallock

American Heart Association considers expanding the teaching garden program to more schools in the Bay Area if the pilot program is successful.

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