Berkeley campers occupy Civic Center Park


(KTSF by Michelle Yue)

For the pat two months, the encampment in Civic Center Park has become the center of the Occupy Berkeley Movement. According to organizers, the camp has grown rapidly with about 100 tents and several hundreds of campers.

Maxina Ventura, one of the leading organizers at the camp, said that although people at the camp may have different views about what they want to achieve through the Occupy Movement, they share the common desire of creating a fairer society, “We don’t have a problem of lack of resources in the world,” Ventura said. “What we do have is a problem of a lack of fair distribution.”

Ventura also shared some concerns about safety and sanitary problems at the site. But she insisted those problems are not going to make them leave the camp. Food is also a concern for campers. Some of the organizers are now trying to contact stores for long-term help with food supplies.
Berkeley city officials today refused to disclose whether they would follow suit in Oakland and San Francisco to close the camp, insisting only that they are monitoring the situation closely.

Berkeley residents today expressed different views towards the camp at the Civic Center Park. One woman said, “I think they are changing the whole way people are talking about our country, things we should do and the difference between rich and poor. There are very very serious problems. I think it is great.” But some others expressed concerns about the alleged drug use, the mental health of the campers, and the sanitation at the camp.

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