San Jose’s Sustainable Affordable Housing

(KTSF by Jessie Liang)

San Jose, CA – Brookwood Terrace is a new affordable housing project in East San Jose, and is certified under the USGBC’s LEED gold specification. Brookwood Terrace offers 84 one, two and three bedroom family apartments and it’s currently 100% occupied.

One resident of Brookwood Terrace Horacio Figaroella says, “This is a beautiful place. Most importantly it would be the conservation of energy.”

One of developers ROEM’s vice president Jonathan Emami says, “Not only do we provide housing for 84 apartment units. That translates into approximately 200 people, but there’s 150 jobs also.”

The City of San Jose council member Sam Liccardo says that the city government always supports the building of more affordable housing. It not only helps low-income families but also changes the community. “Only two years ago, there was essentially an abandoned vehicle lot. There were cars stored and stacked 20 feet high,” said Liccardo.

The amenities include two large landscaped courtyards with a barbecue and seating areas, computer room, community room with kitchen and library, fitness center, swimming pool, etc. The building is designed to USGBC’s LEED Gold specification and saves both energy and money.

One of the developers Eden Housing’s executive director Linda Mandolini says, “Because you built greener building with a more efficient system, you save money.”

Although all of the units are now occupied, people from low-income families who are still interested being placed on a waiting list can visit the website for more information.

The total development costs for Brookwood Terrace was $24 million. Partial financing is from Federal Stimulus Funding. It also received strong support from the City of San Jose through a loan of up to $8 million.  The lowest monthly rent currently is $563, and the highest monthly rent is $1,324.

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