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(KTSF by Pei Liao) In her new book author Ann Lee says to stay ahead, the US may have to learn a few things from China…
Can a developing country like China challenge America’s superpower status? Author Ann Lee points out in a new book that to stay ahead, the US may have to learn a few things from China.


Chinese-American scholar Ann Lee, who is with the think tank Demos and a professor of economics at NYU has written a new book in which she lists ten lessons the US can learn from China . And, it’s generated a lot of discussion. She advocates bringing Confucian ethics, which avoid religious controversy, into American society. She says, “a lot of the values actually were part of the American values very long time ago. The idea of the protestant work ethic, the golden rule where you treat others the way you want others to treat you. All these things are in Confucian as well as western culture, but a lot of that has disappeared.”

Ms. Lee also points out that the US could study China’s civil service exam system, which ensures that public figures have the right qualifications for leadership. However she stressed, “I am not saying that we adopt China’s governing system altogether, I am just saying that we can take certain elements that make sense to improve our current system.”

Ms. Lee also has high praise for China’s new government-sponsored science and technology parks. She thinks that China encourages innovation in entrepreneurs, something America can learn from.

Ms. Lee’s views challenge America’s long stint as a superpower, and has led to some criticisms.

Yi-Mao Chen, an economics professor from San Francisco State University, offerred his counter opinions. Chen thinks that the Confucian idea is fading within China, and China’s civil service exam system does not ensure an incorruptable political system.

Ms. Lee says that no country has a perfect system. But she hopes people will look at China’s merits with an open mind.

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