Yu Ming Charter School


(KTSF by Hellas Leung)

Yu Ming Charter School, the only school in Oakland that offers a Mandarin immersion program, opened last August.

The K-8th grade school offers a two-way dual immersion language program, accepting students with either a background in Mandarin or English. They aim to make students bilingual and  provide a challenging and comprehensive education for students.

Many parents say they hope their children will learn fluent Chinese so that they can communicate with  family members who do not speak English. Other parents worry their students lack sufficient English skills. However, principal Laura Ross says, “Don’t worry, the community speaks English and students will pick up the language soon.”

Currently, more students are learning Mandarin than English, but the school expects a higher increase of students learning English in the coming years.

For information about the school, please check the website: www.yumingschool.org.

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