HPV Vaccine without parental consent

(KTSF by Hellas Leung)

Starting this year, minors as young as 12 can receive the HPV vaccine without parental consent in California. The new law raises ethical questions.

SaveCalifornia.com, a West Coast self-described pro familyorganization, believes teenagers are targeted for HPV shots without parental knowledge. The website says that by signing the new bill, Jerry Brown is giving teenagers a false sense of security in their sexual activities. Further, according to the website, by approving of the bill, Brown is implying that parents should not be responsible for their own children.

Notably, supporters of the bill claim that the benefits of the new vaccine outweigh any ethical concerns. Charles J. Wibbelsman, a doctor in the Pediactrics-Teen Clinic at Kaiser Permanente in San Francisco, says, ”Giving the vaccine is not a license for adolescents to go out and have sex. Giving the vaccine is to prevent your son and daughter from getting viruses which potentially could cause cancer and death.”

Some Chinese parents believe it is more important to guide their children to good boyfriends or girlfriends. However, doctors do not think this is practical. Dr. Wibblesman says, “When someone picks a partner, you do not know who that partner has been with in the past. Someone can think that is just the best person of all, and really a nice person, and of upstanding grade, but you never know who they’ve been with before. You just don’t know.”

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