Love changes everything concert


(This is an abstract from the press release)

Christmas is a time of festivities and celebrations. Weeks before the holiday actually arrives, the airwaves will already been filled with festive music and scenes of abundance. Many of us also get an early start to the holiday as employers close its doors early.

However, amidst the joyous atmosphere, Christmas for many others is also a time of despair, and hunger. According to the Second Harvest Food Bank, since the economic downturn, charities across the Silicon Valley have seen donations decrease, while the number seeking help has risen tremendously. As a result, many needy individuals and families who depend on charities have not been able to receive enough food for sustenance.

We are a group of Chinese-Americans Christian business men residing in the south Bay, and we seek to help engage and address the myriad needs facing our communities. This year, in collaboration with the Second Harvest Food Bank, we will unveil a series of events to facilitate more charitable giving from the Chinese-American community. The most important event will be our annual Christmas concert on December 10, entitled “Love Can Change Everything”. In addition to inviting three singers from Taiwan & China for this holiday performance at the Flint Center, we will highlight a number of current initiatives during the concert. Among them:

1. We will present our current project to expand food drive efforts by establishing Second Harvest Food Bank canned food donation stations in Asian-American business establishments. An example is many Asian supermarkets and churches have agreed to help by allowing Second Harvest Food Bank food donation stations to be located on their premise to facilitate more convenient ways to contribute.

2. We will also introduce a number of other charitable organizations in the South Bay who toil quietly behind the scenes. We want to hope to bring more awareness of these charities and enable more community involvement and charitable giving.

3. Lastly, all remaining proceeds will be directed to participating charities in need.
It is our hope that this concert can be a catalyst to drive more Chinese-Americans to charitable involvement, especially among the business community. We anticipate a great evening filled with wholesome entertainment and most of all, an event which will produce much needed resources. May God bless you and your family

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