Emergency rooms prepare for a busy New Year’s Eve

(KTSF by Ricky Chan)

In Santa Clara, the emergency room at Valley Medical Center predicts that this weekend will be the busiest weekend of the year. ER doctor Alai Alvarez,  says that traumas are common on New Year’s Eve. He notes that, “New Year’s Eve is always busy for us. It’s one of the busiest holidays in terms of the volume..” According to Dr. Alvarez, there are many injuries from car accidents due to people falling asleep or being intoxicated. “Usually we take care of the traumas after the countdown, so by four in the morning, when they are trying to go home, that’s when we actually get the traumas,” said Alvarez.

The California Office of Traffic Safety awarded the DA office in Santa Clara a $161,160 grant to improve their anti-DUI program. The money will be spent on breathalyzers that will be administered by the district attorney crime lab and operated by local law enforcement. The new breathalyzers will replace outdated instruments currently used at ten offices throughout the county.

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