State educational leaders condemn budget cuts


 (KTSF By Jo Wan)

A statewide coalition of educational leaders condemned massive new budget cuts proposed by Governor Brown to public school.

Tom Torlakson , State Superintendent of Public Instruction said in a teleconference :” Enough is enough. This is on the back of four years of chaos and cutting. We have lost 18 billion , 25% of funding for our K-12 school already, so this cut hurts.”

Among the cuts for K-12 education are: Elimination of school bus service funding, for a saving of $248 million; and general funds cuts of $79.6 million.

Dave Low , executive director of California School Employee Association said the elimination of school bus funding was unprecedented.  “Total elimination of school bus transpiration funding is unprecedented. California will be the first state in the entire country completely eliminating state funding for school bus transportation. This will be devastating for parents and students and low income communities. Thousands of children will be forced to walk to school. They will be walking through dangerous streets and intersections. Their neighborhood have hundreds of sexual predators and criminals and this is completely unconscionable.”

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