Engineer indicted for illegal arms export

(AP File)

(KTSF by Sean Au) Court documents show that Philip Chaohui He, a Chinese national who is an American permanent resident, was planning to ship five boxes of satellite computer chips overseas. The defendant allegedly drove to the port in Long Beach and parked in a secure area where a ship owned by Zhenhua Port Machiner Co. Ltd, or ZPMC, was docked. The ship was scheduled to return to Shanghai.

According to court documents, 200 chips were concealed in plastic containers labeled as infant formula. He allegedly bought the radiation hardened chips from Aeroflex Colorado Springs. The chips are considered “defense articles” by the Defense Department.

Aeroflex Colorado Springs stated concern s that the defendant might export the chips, He allegedly responded that the end-user was Sierra Electronics Instruments, located in Oakland ‘s Chinatown, and that the end products are for domestic users.

ZPMC said that the company has since stated that it has no knowledge of the alleged conspiracy.

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