Kids learn how to take care of animals

(KTSF by Hellas Leung)

A group of underprivileged children with the Kidango program visits the Humane Society Silicon Valley(HSSV) in Milpitas to learn about animal care.

“My favorite one is a dog. (What color?) Black and white,” a boy from Kidango said.

Taking care of animals is not just a hobby, but requires senses of responsibility.

“The field trip gives them a chance to learn about the ways they can make a difference for pets,”said Jaime Allen, the director of education programs of the Humane Society.

“Some of the kids come from low-income families.  It will be life-long experience for them to see animals can be well taken care of,”said Josefina Pinales, the associate teacher of Kidango.

HSSV Animal Community Center is located in Milpitas.Its purpose is to save homeless animals.

“We are here to really connect people with the animals.  We are here for the life cycle of the pets, from the time the animals enter somebody’s home to the time the animals unfortunately has to leave the home,” said Beth Ward, the Chief Operating Officer of HSSV.

If you are interested in adopting animals, please visit the website:

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