Shoppers endure the cold weather for holiday sales


(KTSF by Ricky Chan)

Tents and chairs popped up in front of stores on Thanksgiving Day. At first, people may think about the Occupy movement around the world. But these are not protesters. They are shoppers.

Some people gave up their Thanksgiving dinner with friends and family, and lined up outside of Best Buy in Colma. Many of them brought their tents. Chris Solis, the second shopper in line says he has been camping out since Tuesday. He expects to spend a thousand dollars when the store opens on Friday at midnight. He says “I’m definitely getting the $200 Sharp television 42 inch. I’m going to get some laptops for the family and I just want all the door buster deals for Christmas gifts for my family.” He continues, ” Oh I did my research. It advertised 10 per store, but this is the second biggest grossing Best buy in Northern California, so I know they have at least 30. That’s all we came here.”

Jonas Fernandez, who stands around the first corner in line, waits for food from the family. “I don’t know, probably either my parents or his parents will soon bring us some food, probably some good turkey, some mashed potatoes, yeah.”

Terry Kang, another shopper who has waited in line for Black Friday door busters for the last five years, comes here for fun with friends. He doesn’t care about the $200-for-42-inch-TV deal here because he only wants to buy some video games and DVDs.

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