Self-Help for the Elderly Thanksgiving Luncheon


(KTSF by Jessie Liang)

San Francisco, CA – Self-Help for the Elderly Thanksgiving Luncheon is taking place at the Lady Shaw Senior Center in San Francisco Chinatown with 3,000 seniors and children attending. The center is full filled with holiday atmosphere. Some seniors come here for turkey lunch every year.

Fund Development Director for Self-Help for the Elderly Josephine Ma says this is their 27th anniversary of Thanksgiving Luncheon. Ma says, “the purpose of the event is to wish the elderly not to be on their own during Thanksgiving, one of the big holidays in the year.”

The lunch meal includes turkey, veggies, fruit, nutritious rice and milk, etc. All food is prepared and servied by volunteers. There are more than 500 volunteers today including San Francisco Police, county sheriff and firefighters. They use their day off to deliver meals to senior citizens and those less privileged throughout San Francisco.

Lt. Gregory Mar from Taraval Police Station has been a volunteer over 20 years on this event. Mar brings his own daughter here so as to give her an opportunity to learn the good spirit. Mar says, ” It’s been an ongoing event. I think we all enjoy doing this. I think everybody feels good. It brings good spirit for everybody.”

Many city officials and volunteers from other organizations also help to cut turkey and serve meals. Assesor-Recorder Phil Ting says, “Many families have not got an opportunity to experience Thanksgiving feast especially under the current economy down turn.”

Volunteer Anna Mok says, “When we feel happy and get lots of things, we would like to help elders and children, especally those who don’t get used to the American culture. I’m very happy being a volunteer at here.”

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee also attends the Luncheon and greets senoirs and children.

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