Rebuild Oakland

(KTSF by Ricky Chan)

Merchants in Oakland Chinatown are upset about the problems created by Occupy movement and are urging the city to rebuild the image of Oakland.

In the aftermath of the problems created by the Occupy Oakland movement in downtown  and at the Port of Oakland , the Oakland Chinatown community and other local business communities have suffered substantial losses. Many residents and employees have lost their jobs and wages. The sales tax revenue to the city has diminished.


People are upset by the invasion and disruption by the Occupy Oakland movement, the negative image of public safety, and the recall movement. Some residents feel this has brought divisiveness, instability and has created a counter-productive environment in the city.

The Chinatown community is urging the city leadership to work with them to take immediate actions by unifying the city, and to focus their energy and limited resources in this difficult time to rebuild Oakland, its small businesses and image.

In order to attract holiday shoppers, the city of Oakland is offering free parking at meters tomorrow (12/17) and next Saturday (12/24).

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