Oakland recruits youths for summer jobs

(KTSF by Susannah Lee)

Summer job recruitment started in Oakland where the city and local agencies are providing over 700 job opportunites this year.

At the Summer Job Recruitment Fair, Mahlik Smith says he wants a job “To buy my clothes, take care of my family, support my house.”

Smith was accompanied by his mother who believes that even though the summer is short,” kids can learn and get ‘structured’ instead of just be lose and walk on the street.”

Most of the jobs come from Oakland’s Office of Parks and Recreation. The city government is working with the private sector for summer job placement or training, with a goal of creating 1,000 jobs.

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan hopes young people from the “100 Block” — where unemployment, school drop-out rates and crime figures are highest among all Oakland neighborhoods — will benefit from the program. She says “we are really trying to begin to focus on a theme that many people in the community believe  jobs will stop bullets.”   This year’s summer program aims at allocating at least 50% of the jobs go to youth in the 100 Block neighborhood.

Visit website: www.oaklandnet.com to apply on-line.

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