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(KTSF by Susannah Lee)

Statistics by the National Institute of Health shows that, 30-40% of American adults experience some kind of insomnia within any given year. Of those with the condition about 10-15% of adults are diagnosed as chronic.

Dietician Yvonne Liang, at the Chinese Community Health Resource Center, says one should seek medical advise if insomnia lasts for over one month. It can cause lack of energy, and even hinders one from work and social activities.

While insomnia is itself a symptom, Liang cautions that it could indicate some kind of health problem including diabetes.  It could also indicate prostate problems in males if insomnia is related to frequent urge to urinate at night.

Stress, worrying and depression are other causes of insomnia. Moreover, irregular work-sleep schedules, taking  medications, consumption of caffeinated drinks, as well as body pain all contribute to bad sleep quality, even insomnia.

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