Stanford scholar explores cigarette production in China

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(KTSF by Lynne Ku)

Matthew Kohrman, associate professor of Anthropology at Stanford University, showed a map he has been working on that pinpoints all the factories in the world today producing cigarettes in a lecture sponsored by the Stanford China program. There are more than 450 factories so far on the map and more than 100 of them are in China.

According to the 2010 data released by China’s CDC, there were 300 million smokers in China. Smoking there has become a major public health issue since it has proven to be one of the major causes of lung cancer. Why is the number so high in China? Professor Kohrman says: ” There are many reasons. Access to cigarates is certainly one of them, decades of marketing activities around cigarettes,  peer pressure. And we have to remember, cigarettes are incredibly addictive.”

At present, the tobacco industry produces some six trillion cigarettes worldwide every year and about 40% of them are produced in China. The Cigarette Citadels project led by Matthew Kohrman was created to explore cigarette factories and other questions about the tobacco industry.


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