Bay Area’s Korea town react to Kim Jong Il’s death


(KTSF by Jo Wan)

A bakery storeowner said many people were talking about the leaders death this morning. They are surprised. Reaction from people on the street included “I think it’s a big change in the Korean peninsula. Everybody is interested in the Korea situation.”  Julia Kim was born in South Korea and came to United State when she was very young. But she is still very concerned about the situation in Korea. ” A lot of people say there is going to be a war, but personally I don’t think there will be.”

Some people are questioning  Kim’s son’s leadership. More people’s reaction included “We are afraid about it because now it’s his son Kim Jong-Un.  He’s 28, 29 a young man. Nobody knows his character.  No experience.” “I heard he is worse. You never know he might be able to change.”

Although there are many uncertainties for a Korean reunification, one would be the Germany experience. But most of  Koreans want to see this day happen. “We are interested in the unification between North Korea and South Korea, but everybody knows that it’s a very poor country.” “We really hope, it’s our dream.”

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