South Bay housing crisis and smoking ban proposal


(KTSF by Jessie Liang)

According to new data released by the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE), there are nearly 5,000 homes in San Jose currently in foreclosure; more than 7,000 are homeless individuals and families; 51.6% of San Jose renters currently live in unaffordable housing; renters in San Jose metro area are going up. For example, the price of renting a two-bedroom apartment has spiked 26% within 4 years. In October 2001, 1,712 homes were foreclosed and left vacant in San Jose.

In response to the growing movement of home defense and home occupations, ACCE has put together a “Pledge in Defense of Homes and Neighborhoods,” and developed a “Know Your Rights” Teach-In: How to Defend Your Home from Illegal Bank Actions. The schedule of teach-ins will be posted along with the report at Homeowners that wish to get involved are encouraged to call 415-377-9037.

The City of Mountain View is proposing to ban smoking within 25 feet of most public buildings, private businesses and outdoor dining areas, including those at restaurants and picnic areas in public parks. Smokers who violate the ordinance would get a $50 citation. The only real opponents are nightclub and bar owners because they claim the ordinance could hurt their businesses.

The ordinance is set to go before the City Council in January 2012. In Santa Clara County, the City of Palo Alto, Sunnyvale and Gilroy also have such an ordinance in the works.

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