Warriors are ready for the new season

(KTSF by Ricky Chan)

With the new coaching staff and new players, the Golden State Warriors are ready for the new season which  happens in two weeks. This season, the Warriors have six new players.  Twenty-one-year-old Klay Thompson is one of them. Thompson was drafted by Golden State Warriors with the 11th pick in June earlier this year. Although Thompson has not signed any contract up to this point, the owner of the Warriors predicts that Thompson will be the Rookie of the Year. “I didn’t hear that, but hearing that, it just gave me a great sense of confidence. That means they have my back and I really appreciate that they feel that way, and hopefully I won’t disappoint. That’s why I’m putting all these extra work,” said Thompson.

Warriors back court duo Stephen Curry and Monta Ellis say they are ready for the season and will work with the new head coach, Mark Jackson. Curry says he has gained 10 pounds of muscle during the lockout and with the help of the new head coach, he is seeking a better season. Curry continues, “17 years all star point guard. The knowledge he has at the position, we play at two totally different ways, but there’s fundamental things that a point guard should know how to do.”

Many Asian fans in the Bay Area are not happy with the Warriors waving Jeremy Lin. The president of the team says the team has a limited amount of money to spend every year and it’s a decision after meeting with the basketball staff. Rick Welts, president and chief operating officer of the Warriors says, “You have to try to take a look at how to create the best chance to improve your basketball team and Jeremy probably has a place in this league long term. He has been great with the Warriors. We wish him nothing but the best.

The NBA season will start on Christmas day, and in the first game, the Warriors will play against the Los Angeles Clippers.

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