San Jose Unified hopes to offer Transitional Kindergarten this fall


(KTSF by Jo Wan)

Transitional Kindergarten  (TK) is a mandated state program for students with birthdates in September, October and November and is aimed at building a bridge between preschool years and traditional kindergarten.   But, now because of Governor Brown’s proposed budget, the program’s future for this fall is unclear. According to Brown’s proposed budget, eliminating the program would save close to $700 million by the year of 2014-15. Jodi Lax, Manager of Curriculum and Instruction at  San Jose Unified School District says,  “At this point, it doesn’t look like we have the funding to be able to pay for the teacher’s salary if we are not getting state funding for the student attendance.”

Every California school district with elementary schools is mandated to offer the program.   If programs are cancelled, Lax worries that some parents can’t afford preschool and their kids will be sitting home next fall ye and won’t receive the education support they need. Lax adds that, “Many kids are just not ready even academically they may be very strong, it’s a social skill, motor skill that needs extra attention, needs explicit teaching.”

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