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(This is an excerpt from the press release of FCC)

In April, Knight Foundation and the Federal Communications Commission challenged developers and citizens from across the country to develop apps that deliver personalized, actionable information for the Apps for Communities Challenge. As a result, we received almost 70 entries from around the U.S., from California to Pennsylvania. 

The challenge awards $100,000 in prizes to winning application developers and is intended to bring together providers of public data, developers, and traditionally underserved populations through a national contest. 

Today, the FCC and the Knight Foundation are proud to announce the winners of the Apps for Communities Challenge, developers who answered the call to make local public information more usable and more actionable, making the benefits of broadband more tangible for all Americans. They’ve created creating apps that directly connect citizens to public information, like social services, job listings, fresh food locations, resources for the homeless and education training. Our winners inspired us with their creativity and commitment to helping communities in need across our country.  

High-speed internet isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity for full participation in our economy and democracy. As FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski has made clear, broadband is an indispensible platform for economic growth and job creation, and for addressing major national challenges like education, health care, energy and public safety. But there’s a gap. Right now, nearly one-third of the country – 100 million Americans – don’t have high-speed Internet at home. 

Consistent with Knight Foundation’s mission to foster informed and engaged communities and the FCC’s goal to encourage broadband adoption and deployment, the FCC and Knight Foundation co-sponsored this Challenge.  We hope that these ideas can be replicated throughout the country. 

Today’s Apps for Communities Challenge winners demonstrate what having millions of more Americans digitally empowered can mean for the country: more customers for online businesses, more Americans using cost saving e-government services, and more Americans with the digital skills needed to find and land the jobs of today and tomorrow.

See all the eligible apps:


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