Leaving Silicon Valley


(KTSF by Jo Wan)
Steve Huang went back to Hong Kong to work yesterday after spending  only 2 weeks in Fremont with his family. He is a US permanent resident with a green card. This time, when he entered  the United States, the airport officer questioned him why he left the US so much. They feel that the green card is for people who want to live in the USA full time. Since Hunag’s job is in Hong Kong, he is considering to give up his green card.

There have been stories in recent years of Chinese “Hai Gui” -sea turtles and Haung is one of them. They are educated overseas and migrate back to China mainly as a result of the growing and more secure Chinese economy.

Besides “Hai Gui”  returnees , many older  Chinese or Taiwanese first-generation immigrants who originally came for jobs,  much higher pay or higher living standards in the US have now decided to spend their retirement years in their native country.

USCIS officer Sharon Rummery said she has been hearing the stories about Chinese people giving up  green cards to return home.  She suggests that those people who wants to abandon green cards should think twice. After all there are still a lot of people out there struggling to become US citizens.  There are many people living this country without documentation,  but these people don’t have way to get their green card. They don’t have a family to petition  them, they don’t have a profession they can do that’s in demand, just don’t have a way. ”

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