Chinese delegation studies local rent control

(KTSF by Sean Au)

A 23-member delegation from China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs visited East Palo Alto to learn more about the city’s rent stabilization and just cause for eviction ordinance.

East Palo Alto voters passed the Rent Stabilization and Just Cause for Eviction Ordinance two years ago, pegging the allowed rent hike to 80% of the region’s Consumer Price Index (CPI) increase.

Carol Lamont, Rent Stabilization Program Administrator of East Palo Alto  says  “These protections are helping to allow families to afford to continue to live in their homes, continue to go to schools here, and stay engaged in their community .”

Rental units comprise more than half of the city’s housing stock. Within the two years of implementation, 93% of rental units have been registered or received exemption from the ordinance.

The delegation visit  was organized by the U.S.-China Exchange Council, a non-profit organization dedicated to professional exchange programs between the United States and China. The delegation is led by Zhou Ping, Deputy Inspector of the Department of Social Relief in the Ministry of Civil Affairs. The 23 members of the delegation ,  who come from 11 provinces and cities in China ,   decide on policies and ways of implementing social programs to help citizens in need.

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